Life after Exams

Today I had my last final exam and I am officially done with the semester and my freshman year! Time really flew by. It feels like just yesterday my friends and I were frantically texting each other the night before our first day of classes worried that we would get lost on campus! As cheesy as this may sound, I love college. I mean sure there were plenty of times this year when I felt overwhelmed and stressed from all of the assignments and exams, but at the end of the day it’s an amazing experience and it just opens your mind to so many things! That’s not to say that I’m not happy for a little break from school!

After our dreaded final (which wasn’t too bad haha) my friends and I decided we needed to unwind and celebrate a little. So we went to a little tearoom for lunch. It was so cute and vintage-y! The funny thing was we hadn’t made any reservations since we decided last-minute, and so when we got there the hostess apologized and said they were all booked. But right as we were about to leave another hostess said there was a no-show so we we were able to get a table! I guess we were meant to eat there after all πŸ™‚

It was a little early and we weren’t too hungry so we decided to order a veggie sandwich and the house salad and split it between the three of us.

I also ordered a Mango Iced Tea, which was refreshing since it was so. hot.

I have to tell you I was pleasantly surprised that the veggie sandwich tasted amazing! The last time I had a veggie sandwich was at a conference and it was disappointingly dry, but the one at the tearoom was delicious! The house salad was also really good- and a little different, because it had what looked like little pieces of ramen noodles in it which was new to me- but it added a nice crunch along with the sunflower seeds.

For dessert the waitress presented a tray of desserts that they were offering that day which included red velvet cake, chocolate fudge pie, coconut creme cake, and strawberry crisp. We went with the coconut creme cake, but by the time we were done with the sandwich and salad we were pretty stuffed to really enjoy the cake.

After our wonderful lunch we stopped at the masjid to pray, and then headed over to my friend’s house who is fostering some baby kittens from a local animal shelter. And let me tell you- they were beyond cute! I couldn’t stop fawning over them! There were five kittens- an orange tabby, a calico, a tortoiseshell, and two black kittens. We even got to feed the kittens their formula from a little bottle. It was so precious.

After they were done eating, they came and cuddled in our laps. Precious times a million.



Today was so much fun and I’m so thankful for having amazing friends to share it with!

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