Breakfast with Friends

I love eating. And I love cooking too, but I don’t always like to be in the kitchen. But back to my favorite pastime: eating. Eating is more fun when you’re doing it with others like family or friends. So the other week my friends and I decided eat breakfast out. I suppose it was more of a brunch since by the time we decided on a place to go and drive there it was about noon time. But whatever.

The place we decided to hit up was called Dream Cafe. It was a lovely, spacious place with outdoor seating (we chose indoor seating because it was a hot May day). After poring over the menu and thoroughly questioning our waitress about what was good we decided to order the Sky Waffle, the Santa Fe Omelette, and Cloud Cakes. Even though we ordered separately we ended up basically rotating the different dishes between the three of us, so we could all try each of the dishes. I was so happy that everything we ordered was so good! And sharing the food between the three of us made the meal even more blessed.


First up we have the Sky Waffle which is what I ordered. It’s a Belgian waffle topped with sliced strawberries, crème fraiche, and sprinkled with powdered sugar (and finished off with some maple syrup). It was delicious. Warm, sweet, and crispy. It definitely satisfied my waffle craving.

Next up: Cloud Cakes, a signature dish at Dream Cafe. Can you believe this has ricotta cheese in it? The menu describes it as, fluffy ricotta pancakes topped with fresh strawberries, crème fraiche and powdered sugar (and of course we doused this in maple syrup as well). These were quite possibly the perfect pancakes. Cloud Cakes are aptly named because they’re soft, airy, fluffy, and they have that melt-in-your-mouth quality. I would love to try to recreate these Cloud Cakes for the blog in the future. I would have never thought to use ricotta cheese in my pancakes, but I guess that’s the secret to the perfect, fluffy pancake!

Last but certainly not the least: The Santa Fe Omelette (another thing I’m adding to my blog “bucket list”). The Santa Fe had sun-dried tomatoes, basil pesto, and goat cheese! The goat cheese made this omelette so incredibly delicious. No wonder this omelette is another signature dish. They served it with hash browns, a popover, and a little strawberry butter. The popover was kind of tasteless and dry, but the hash browns were good and I really liked the strawberry butter. (We ended up smearing the strawberry butter on the Cloud Cakes when we ran out of syrup, hehe.)

After our amazing breakfast, we wandered around the shopping center which housed other restaurants, salons, and boutiques. We found some pretty flowers and very tall trees and had an impromptu photo shoot by the nice scenery.

We wanted our pictures to look candid, so we tried to act natural but we kept cracking up, so in the end I guess we did get truly candid pictures of us laughing our heads off.

What’s a day filled with pancakes, waffles, omelettes, and a photo shoot if it’s not finished off with some boba tea? We stopped at Fat Straws (shocking: my friends had never had Fat Straws!) and got a Mango Piña Colada Slush with lychee. It was refreshing and was the perfect way to end our afternoon (not to mention the perfect way to completely destroy my plan on cutting down on sugar. Haha. As if.)

All in all, I had an amazing time with some amazing friends 🙂


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