DIY 2 Ingredient Face Mask: Great for Acne and Dry Skin!

The bipolar weather my city has been experiencing for the past- well forever, has been wreaking havoc on my face as of late and it had really been starting to get on my nerves. I tend to have oily skin, but because of the drastic changes in temperature my face has been quite dry (it almost makes me miss my oily skin).

Anyways, I love easy home remedies. Home remedies are kind of fun, because you’re making use of things you probably already have around the house- convenient and cheap! And the DIY mask I’m about to show you that has really helped with my dry, itchy face is ridiculously easy with only 2 ingredients! Whaaat!

So while I’m not sharing a recipe with you guys today, there’s still food involved in today’s post…just not for consumption purposes!

So what are the two magical ingredients?

Yogurt. And oats.

That’s it. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive. Simple, cheap ingredients that you probably already have in  your refrigerator and pantry!

Why do I love this mask?
If you suffer from acne, or you’ve just been breaking out lately, oats are great for treating acne! Oats are also amazing for treating dry skin and improving your skin tone!
Yogurt is also great for treating acne and is a natural moisturizer, not to mention great for treating skin discoloration, sun burn, and is anti-aging!

To make the mask simply mix the plain yogurt with the oats and apply to your face for about 15-25 minutes or until it dries and then simply wash off! I felt that my skin felt softer within one use, but if you’re like me and have acne continue to use it everyday!

Try it out for yourself and let me know how it goes!

Aspiring Foodie


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