Brownie Taste-Testing

This blog is really for me, as an amateur baker, to document the things I bake (or cook) at home. Kind of like an online recipe book, but for the world to see. (I also have a cute blue recipe book with white polka dots my sister-in-law gave me because I love physically writing things down!). I’m not a recipe developer or anything. I’m more of a recipe follower, so I always make sure to give credit where credit’s due 🙂

Anyways, one of the things I want to get down pat is baking brownies! For years and years I have used box mixes, and can you blame me? They’re super simple, take minimal effort, and  you’re guaranteed a tasty treat at the end all for a few dollars?  I’ll take that. But as I’ve begun making things from scratch it’s just  a whole different ball game- in a good way! Baking is truly a labor of love. And while I can say I’m content with the chocolate cupcake and chocolate chip cookie recipe I  have right now on the blog, one thing I don’t have is a surefire brownie recipe! I’ve tried a few different ones. They were mediocre and one just turned out bad.

This particular recipe is by Tessa Arias on her blog called the “Ultimate Brownies”.  I’m not totally taken with these brownies but I have to say they are pretty great! The problem I had was with the flavor…it was a little off, but perhaps this was through some fault of my own. Also I felt my brownies were a little too underbaked- we all know you should never overbake brownies but even though I left mine in for the directed time they were still pretty wet even after I let them cool. It wasn’t until the next day did they set up more firmly.

If you’re looking for a brownie recipe to try, I would say go for it!

Recipe at Handle the Heat blog!


2 thoughts on “Brownie Taste-Testing

  1. I can completely relate as another amateur baker! Brownies are one of those staple recipes that I kepp telling myself I need to make, however, there are sooo many recipes out there it's just overwhelming at times! I really appreciate the honest review as it will make it easier for me to pick out which recipe I want to try!


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