End of Another Semester


It’s been one hell of a semester. Seriously. It’s been hell. Ok, maybe not that bad…Alhamdulillah the worst is over! Right now I’m supposed to be putting together my final portfolio for my diagnostic reading practicum for my conference with my professor tomorrow, but of course I decided instead it was the perfect time to reflect on this crazy semester. After 4:30 tomorrow I will officially be done with this semester and my third year! It is so so so crazy to think I only have ONE YEAR LEFT before I graduate!!!!!!!!  And have to face the “real world” (didn’t you always hate it when adults said that??? I hardly think any of us are living in a fantasy world…most of the time anyways).

But I guess it is kind of like a fantasy world, because next Spring not only will I be graduating, inshaAllah, but I will be student teaching (nowadays they’re calling it clinical teaching, which sounds kind of cooler I guess). But at the beginning of this semester, I was really struggling. Exhausted, emotional, frustrated…unhappy. Everything was so hard. I skipped classes, something I have rarely, rarely done. I would also completely zone out of this once class, because I would be so mind-numbingly exhausted from my other classes, again something I regret. I really wish I had paid more attention in that class. On top of of the rigorous classes, my schedule did not make things any easier! Oh, and I was working part-time as a peer tutor as well, which meant an additional 7 hours on campus. I felt like I was on campus all day from my morning classes to my tutoring sessions, and then my evening classes. It was tough at the beginning because I was really not used juggling a hectic class schedule with work. I hated my night classes with a passion. But life is funny, you see. You get used to things. It takes some time, but you adjust.

I screenshotted this at the beginning of the semester. I had to hope that this semester was going to be my rain. 

And as awful and hard as I will remember this semester to be….I have to remind myself a lot of good stuff happened too 🙂

Most of my rigorous classes were education classes…and I did learn a lot. And I can only hope whatever I learned and all the assignments I did will only help me be a better educator in the future. So there was growth. Some tantrums and tears too but not all of it was bad.

I don’t want to remember this semester for all the bad stuff that happened. The unhappiness, the sadness, the feeling of dread and helplessness of not being able to meet looming deadlines and due dates…I want to remember all the good stuff.

So here is a compilation of some of the little, happy things (most of which are food-related):

I remember excitedly planning with my friend to go to a newly-opened Top Pot in our area. While the donuts & coffee were super underrated unfortunately (I think it was just this particular location) it was our time together that counts. 
My first Sprinkles cupcake! Can you believe it? A sorority was selling them on campus, so my friend and I each bought one. I got the coconut flavored one, and she the got vanilla-milk chocolate. 
I remember this day vividly. It started off stressfully (b/c of school), and then luckily a friend had organized a little outing to this beautiful garden that same day. I bursted into tears when I entered the garden. I remember telling my friend, “this semester is just so hard.” But it ended on such a wonderful, light note. Coming to the garden was like taking a breath of fresh air. 
My family went on a very special trip and we got to go to SeaWorld! Totally unexpected and unplanned, but we had so much fun with cousins. (Then my sister & I watched Blackfish and felt super guilty…still have mixed feeling about SeaWorld :/)
During our team meeting for work, we colored as part of their stress management strategies. V. therapeutic. 
Our first time trying a cannoli! It was kind of a big deal. 
My social studies curriculum  professor gave us all cupcakes on the last day of class to congratulate us on nearing the end of our journey to becoming educators. 

Just remember, whatever it is that you are going through: this too, shall pass. And it will get better. It always sucks before it gets better. 🙂


2 thoughts on “End of Another Semester

  1. One of the quotes that inspire me so much is “the next time you have a bad day, remind yourself that you’ve gotten through 100% of all the bad days in your life so far, and that’s a pretty good statistic”. 🙂 You are amazing! Keep it up! Loving your blog and can’t wait for more!

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