Chocolate Pecan Granola Bars (no-bake)

It’s like pie…but healthier!

I love granola bars. Well then again, as my sister says, what don’t I love when it comes to food? My friend and I were answering “best friend” tag questions just for fun at a dinner party and when she had to answer what my favorite food was, she answered “All of them!” I had a hard time disagreeing with her (although I will say I have a greater affinity towards sweets than other types of food, but if you’ve taken a look at my recipe index that shouldn’t come as a surprise).

Anyways, I’m here to tell  you these granola bars are your new best friend! Slept in and now you’re rushing to school/work/super-important-interview/dropping your kid off and no time for a wholesome, nutritious breakfast to power your busy morning??!!!! Or you’re stuck in the office during your lunch break or you’re sitting in class and all of a sudden a baby whale starts moaning from within the depths of your stomach? Well, no longer my friend! No longer do you have to fish out 6 freaking whole dollars for a measly box of 5 “healthy” granola bars (honestly, the few times I have picked up a box of those at the grocery store I was internally wincing that I was forking out so much money for a box of granola bars that wouldn’t even last in my house for  2 days, let alone 2 weeks!) I don’t know about you but I don’t think any single granola bar is worth $1.20. Or maybe I just like a little bang with my buck. Or maybe I’m just Desi.  Continue reading

Brownie Taste-Testing

This blog is really for me, as an amateur baker, to document the things I bake (or cook) at home. Kind of like an online recipe book, but for the world to see. (I also have a cute blue recipe book with white polka dots my sister-in-law gave me because I love physically writing things down!). I’m not a recipe developer or anything. I’m more of a recipe follower, so I always make sure to give credit where credit’s due 🙂

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Black Forest Cake

If you read my very first post on this blog, you know that I experienced my fair share of guilt for using box mixes to make brownies and cakes when I first started baking. But let’s be honest: there will be times when you’re in a cinch because you have unexpected guests or have to make dessert for a potluck or whatever, and you need to come up with a dessert fast! Something presentable, something delicious, but also something simple and quick!

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Oreo Truffles

I have a love/hate relationship with Oreos. I find them annoying. Do you wanna know why? It’s because they taste good…but there is no civilized way of eating them because no matter what you’re always left with crumbs stuck in between your teeth (and braces..I’m so glad my braces days are over!). I mean it’s so embarrassing to walk around like you just ate a plate of dirt, so Oreos are one of those foods that I do not eat in public. It’s a dangerous food so I only eat it in the safety and privacy of my own home away from people’s judging eyes. Yeah, maybe I’m just ridiculous and way too self-conscious about how I eat, but that’s that.

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Mocha Coconut Cupcakes

Do you ever cringe from embarrassment when you reminisce about certain things from your past? I do- I have plenty of cringe-worthy memories especially from my middle school/junior high years. But what’s worse of thinking back to those cringe-worthy days? Sharing those same moments with others- or better yet reminisce with your school friends about those embarrassing moments! Sounds a bit sadistic, but it’s good to be able to think back to those times and laugh it off.

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