"Cheater" Pain au Chocolat (Easy!)

Pain au Chocolat (pronounced “pa oh shoh/koh/lah” according to this) is a French pastry filled with chocolate. Now there’s probably a more traditional way to make this…but I like quick, easy recipes. And I’m sure you guys like quick, easy recipes, too. So I’m giving you guys a quick, easy “cheater” version of pain au chocolat.

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Snow Day!

One more week until Spring Break (!!) and it’s super hectic around these parts. I had three exams last week and after my second midterm on Wednesday I was so zapped I barely studied for my Social Psych exam the next day…so I told myself I would wake up early that morning to study for my 1 o’clock exam. I ended up snoozing my alarm but then received a notification from my university: Classes & events canceled all day for Thursday, March 5th due to inclement weather.Β 

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Brownie Taste-Testing

This blog is really for me, as an amateur baker, to document the things I bake (or cook) at home. Kind of like an online recipe book, but for the world to see. (I also have a cute blue recipe book with white polka dots my sister-in-law gave me because I love physically writing things down!). I’m not a recipe developer or anything. I’m more of a recipe follower, so I always make sure to give credit where credit’s due πŸ™‚

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DIY 2 Ingredient Face Mask: Great for Acne and Dry Skin!

The bipolar weather my city has been experiencing for the past- well forever, has been wreaking havoc on my face as of late and it had really been starting to get on my nerves. I tend to have oily skin, but because of the drastic changes in temperature my face has been quite dry (it almost makes me miss my oily skin).

Anyways, I love easy home remedies. Home remedies are kind of fun, because you’re making use of things you probably already have around the house- convenient and cheap! And the DIY mask I’m about to show you that has really helped with my dry, itchy face is ridiculously easy with only 2 ingredients! Whaaat!

So while I’m not sharing a recipe with you guys today, there’s still food involved in today’s post…just not for consumption purposes!

So what are the two magical ingredients?
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Black Forest Cake

If you read my very first post on this blog, you know that I experienced my fair share of guilt for using box mixes to make brownies and cakes when I first started baking. But let’s be honest: there will be times when you’re in a cinch because you have unexpected guests or have to make dessert for a potluck or whatever, and you need to come up with a dessert fast! Something presentable, something delicious, but also something simple and quick!

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Oreo Truffles

I have a love/hate relationship with Oreos. I find them annoying. Do you wanna know why? It’s because they taste good…but there is no civilized way of eating them because no matter what you’re always left with crumbs stuck in between your teeth (and braces..I’m so glad my braces days are over!). I mean it’s so embarrassing to walk around like you just ate a plate of dirt, so Oreos are one of those foods that I do not eat in public. It’s a dangerous food so I only eat it in the safety and privacy of my own home away from people’s judging eyes. Yeah, maybe I’m just ridiculous and way too self-conscious about how I eat, but that’s that.

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Blueberry Muffins

Hey readers! So I know I haven’t been too consistent in blogging, and I had a feeling that when the semester was in full swing I would be swamped with work. I kind of hoped that I would be able to maintain the blog regardless and NOT PROCRASTINATE, but of course I think being a college student is pretty much synonymous with procrastination on some level.

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